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radicle n.

The part of a plant embryo that develops into the main root. In most seeds, the radicle is the first structure to emerge on germination.

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Is Your Company a “Digital First” Company?

What do we mean by “Digital First”? Think for a moment. Every student turning out from our schools, colleges and universities today has conducted his or her entire education in the Internet era. Connected online devices and other digital tools have been integral components of their learning and development.

Smartphones are not just an accessory to them – they are as fundamental to their being as the clothes they wear. Their lives are played out on social media, while almost every aspect of their behaviour and interaction with the commercial world is governed by technology.

These new consumers will mature into the corporate leaders of tomorrow, yet increasingly they are the digital influencers of today. Welcome to the “Digital First” generation, sometimes referred to as “Millennials”. They represent a new generation, one for whom technology is the ‘go to’ default for almost everything they do. The impact of this demographic on almost every aspect of society and business is already being felt, and one can only expect to see their influence increase further

At Radicle, we have examined the characteristics and behaviours of Digital First consumers, and specifically how they interact with the corporate world, not just in terms of what they buy and where they purchase, but also the key influencers of their purchase behaviour, and what is becoming increasingly more important, how they buy, and how they interface with companies and brands today.

Our tailored workshops and mentoring programmes help business leaders and senior managers address the issue of how prepared and competent you and your companies need to be in terms of facing out to this new digital-savvy customer demographic. We also help you to shape and structure your own organisation to adapt and respond to the demands of a new and increasingly agile ambivalent audience? These highly interactive, thought-provoking, yet fun and engaging sessions incorporate lots of relevant, targeted questions and engaging exercises.

Digital First consumers will increasingly seek out and engage with Digital First companies and brands. A Radicle workshop for your company can provide an invaluable litmus test in assessing whether or not you – and your company – are equipped and ready.

More about Radicle Consulting

Radicle Consulting was established in 2010 by Paul Plant.

Paul is an experienced, digitally literate Strategic Marketeer, Digital Thought Leader, Entrepreneur and Change Agent with an enviable record of delivering results through strategic insight and a strong commercial focus, while retaining a conscious eye on the delivery of an exceptional customer experience.

Paul has a vast experience of working the forefront of transformational business change. He began his career in regional newspapers at a time when the printed media industry was moving from hot metal to web offset. He then joined BT during its pioneering years with Prestel and Electronic Yellow Pages, and he was part of the team that launched in the UK in 1996, before spearheading the company’s international growth strategy.

Paul’s vast operational experience includes Strategy Development, Product Management, Innovation, Sales & Marketing Leadership, Brand Communications, and international M&A activity.

Paul has a reputation for being creative, inspiring, thought-provoking, passionate and fun to work with, yet he retains a customer-focused, output-orientated and above all, highly realistic approach to all his work. These attributes have enabled him to build an impressive international client and associate portfolio that today extends to five continents.

In addition to his work with Radicle, Paul is highly active in the Digital Start-Up Accelerator and Incubation arena, serving as mentor, board advisor and investor to a number of exciting and diverse start-up ventures.

Radicle Values

At Radicle we take pride in our principles and core values. We enjoy our work and we like to get to know the people and companies we work with. We believe that the world’s best companies are those who put their customers first, and this maxim is becoming an important mantra for survival in the digital economy.

If you feel that you have a great business, product or idea, and you need help evangelising it to the right customers in the right markets, call us.

What we will not do: we won’t work with anyone or anything that we don’t (or can’t) believe in. Equally, we won’t waste your time or your money.

What we will do: If you engage us, we will commit to your project, and also to the delivery of a successful outcome. We will strive to add value to your organisation through our work. In fact, if we don't deliver value, it is unlikely we will deliver you with a bill.