rad•i•cle n.

The part of a plant embryo that develops into the main root. In most seeds, the radicle is the first structure to emerge on germination.

"The Win, Keep & Grow Consultancy"

Helping companies to adapt and thrive in the modern digital economy.

Why choose Radicle?

Radicle was founded with the primary purpose to help companies face the challenges and exploit the opportunities presented by today’s commercial environment. Digital technologies and new social trends are disrupting traditional business models, regardless of what industry or sector you’re in.

We help you to demystify those challenges, providing clarity around why you exist, helping you to identify your “ideal” target customers, and then shape your organisation to retain and grow them, increasing their value and their tenure

The Radicle business model...

It’s the objective of all companies, regardless of size, to win, keep and grow customers. These three core objectives become harder to achieve as the world becomes more commoditised, and more competitive.

We work with your people, in a collaborative “hands-on” manner to turn market and customer insights to competitive advantage, either through the products and services you offer, or the way you serve and fulfil them, or both.

What Radicle does...

We diagnose your company’s situation relative to your market and your competitors, to develop viable long-term strategic options – to retrieve, maintain or grow market share. Working with your Executive team we craft a galvanising vision, and then build high performance teams to execute the plan.

The Radicle approach...

We take an immersive approach to your project – we don’t work from spreadsheets or text books and tell you what to do. Instead we work with you, using proven hands-on techniques, market research and case study insights to achieve tangible outputs, delivered by motivated and energised people, often working in collaborative cross-functional teams.

The Radicle promise...

Radicle’s principal commitment is to add value to your organisation – we know that positively engaged and empowered people make a difference. When we commit to your project, we commit not just to the development of the plan, but equally to the delivery of the plan. If we can’t deliver value, it’s unlikely we will deliver you with an invoice.

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