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Radicle News

Latest Consulting Paper – Digital First

Posted on Wednesday 11th June, 2014

Is yours a “Digital First” company? The past couple of years have seen a different type of graduate emerging from our schools, colleges and universities – different because they have conducted their entire education in the Internet era. Online devices and digital tools have been integral components of their learning and development. Smartphones are not … Continue reading

The Radicle Blog

Welcome To The Blog

Posted on Wednesday 11th June, 2014

Here we will post random comments on anything interesting or worth sharing. Feel free to get involved in the conversation. For my first blog, I’d like to announce the launch of Radicle Ventures, an angel investment fund that will help to expose early-stage start-up companies and entrepreneurs to financing, mentoring and networking opportunities. The first … Continue reading

Radicle On The Road

Future Events

Posted on Wednesday 11th June, 2014

The Radicle client and associate portfolio extends across all five continents, including Australia where Paul is an Associate Partner of hunterPac, a Sydney-based executive search and consulting practice. Paul spends a lot of time travelling, conducting client visits, attending conferences and events. Future events that we will either be attending or promoting include: 22-24 September, … Continue reading

Radicle Publications

From time to time Paul Plant will produce a consulting document or advisory paper dedicated to a specific topic of interest. These papers are typically accompanied by a deck of presentation slides and are made available to companies and organisations for purchase or for Paul to make a guest appearance to speak or present at corporate events, conferences, off-site leadership forums, and training workshops.

The Emergence of the “Digital First” Generation, and its Impact on Companies & Brands – DoP: May 2014

To Serve is To Grow – DoP: July 2013

Making Transformation Happen – DoP: December 2012

Local Media Selling – DoP: July 2012

The Globalisation Of Yell – DoP: December 2011

The Radicle Rant

The “Radicle Rant” will be a regular feature where we will comment on random examples of crass stupidity, or other topical news items that beggar belief, or increasingly where it appears that common sense has been sacrificed on the grounds of political correctness.

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